This semester, the HSS office will be closed, however feel free to send us an email or attend office hours if you have any questions!

Office hours will take place on the discord page! Stay tuned for the schedule which will be posted below!


Make sure to keep track of all of UOttawa's important dates! 


Need a little help with school? The Faculty of Health Sciences, in partnership with the Student Academic Success Services (SASS) offers a mentoring program to all of the HSS students. Check it out!





Need any mental health support at any time during the year? See the following resources!

If you're in first year, this is an opportunity for you! HSS Buddies is a program that helps pair first year health science students with a volunteered older peer as a mentor. 

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Our Constitution

Lost & Found

The constitution applies to the affairs of the University of Ottawa Health Sciences Student Association (HSSA).

This document establishes the rules of the HSSA, subject to the articles of the constitution of the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa (SFUO), and the mandate provided to this association by the University of Ottawa. In order to be concise, masculine includes the feminine.

Lost something of yours? It's possible that someone picked it up and dropped it of at the University Center (UCU). Make sure to bring an ID card when you pass by! 

Studying Abroad

Do you get tired of the same old scenery everyday? Have an itch to explore the world? It's important to be a student. So why not look into studying abroad for a semester or two? There's a way! 


If you're interested in sports, UOttawa offers competitive and recreational sports such as basketball, dodgeball, flag football, ultimate, hockey, soccer and volleyball. 

Foot Patrol

This is a free volunteer-based service created by the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa (SFUO) that offers you a safe environment. Volunteers can walk you home or even take the bus with you. (Within a certain distance of course!) 

Volunteer Opportunities: Mental Health & Wellness


Attention to all students interested in Mental Health & Wellness. The Michaëlle-Jean Centre for Global and Community Engagement (MJCGCE) has prepared a list of available volunteer placements in this field. To select one of these volunteer opportunities, search for the placement in the Community Engagement Navigator (in Applications on uoZone) by using the placement number provided in the attached document called "Placements". 
Here are some video resources for those who are unfamiliar with the Community Engagement Navigator:
How to sign up for a placement:
How to enter hours:
The PDF file called "Guidelines (EN)" also provides this information in written form.