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2024 Spring Elections

Read the platforms below created by the HSSA exec team candidates!

Isabella Tari and Chienye  Onyeagucha

Hi! We’re the Co-President candidates for the 2024/25 session; Chienye Onyeagucha and Isabella Tari. Chienye is a third year international student and Isabella is a third year domestic student in the French stream. We were previously on the team as your VP Social Affairs and VP University Affairs and we have decided to run together to give you all a new and improved HSSA, the HSSA like you’ve never seen before!


We are both friendly and outgoing people and we’d love more than anything to be able to showcase that in our governance of the HSSA this coming year. We hope you will support us in our endeavors this year again! Thank you so much for reading!

VP Finance
Erika Vandervoet

Hi! My name is Erika Vandervoet and I am a third year Health Science student with a minor in Biochemistry at UOttawa. I am currently the VP of Finance on the HSSA and am re-running for the position for the 2024-2025 year! Some things about me is I grew up in Pickering, Ontario and currently I am working at a compounding pharmacy under a pharmacist assisting with lab work and prescriptions.When I graduate I aspire to work in a lab within the pharmaceutical industry and help manufacture new medicine. I want to be a part of the HSSA because our program is like a big team and being a part of the student association running finances makes me feel like I can make a difference in student’s experiences at UOttawa and make it memorable. I want to bring fun and collaborative events to the Health Science students and give them opportunities to grow and meet people all within a budget. I think it is important that our students feel that their tuition money is being put into something they can connect with. I think I am a good candidate for the VP Finance position because I have good skills in accounting, Excel spreadsheets and cash handling. I would prioritize helping our faculty have a great year with new events, make sure everyone’s wants and needs are heard, be able to openly communicate within our community and be able to try to give the best experience for all Health Science students.

VP Finance
Alex Anderson

Hello Health Science Students!  

My name is Alexander Anderson, and I am a second year Health  

Science student looking forward to running for the Vice-President of  

Finance position. It is my goal to ensure the stewardship of our  

faculty’s budget, track our expenditures, and contribute towards a  

healthy work environment with peers, to ensure students have a  

secure and successful experience.  

As VP Finance I will actively pursue…  

Healthy Work Environment  

It is crucial for all VPs to feel as though they are in a healthy and productive environment  where they can share their goals and objectives for their respective positions. As VP Finance, I will  ensure we establish that environment for the benefit of budgeting, as it will allow for eicient  recording of our transactions, expenditures, and sources of revenue.  

Optimal Budgeting  

The faculty of Health Science’s finances should be adequately put towards the faculty of  Health Science’s students. My goal is to make sure that in addition to the maintenance of our  budget, I will be at the ready to ensure that funds are properly allocated for events and programs  that directly meet student demands. 

VP Finance
Sitharth Partheepan

Hello everyone, my name is Sitharth Partheepan, and I will be running for VP of Finance. I am currently a First-Year student heading into my Second year and despite being young compared to other candidates, I have a variety of experiences in dealing with finances for groups including non-profit organizations that make me a qualified candidate to represent your concerns. 

In regard to what I wish to do if elected as VP of Finance, I hope to both optimize our budget while reallocating funds to a new initiative I wish to start. The Faculty of Health Sciences uses an interdisciplinary approach when educating its students and I believe that this approach should be extended outside the classroom to make our members more competitive in pursuing their ambitions outside the undergraduate level. As such, I hope to propose the idea of creating a fund that promotes events that involves aspects of health which other clubs can access. To expand, if a club wishes to create an event that involves an aspect of health, they can apply for a grant from this fund to help fund their event. Thus, we encourage others with fresh ideas to also help in aiding our members.

VP of Internal Affairs
Sameer Zulfiqar

My name is Sameer Zulfiqar, a third-year Health Sciences major with a minor in biochemistry. I'm excited to be running again for Vice President of Internal Affairs. With previous roles in HSSA like JVP Social and VP Internal, alongside active involvement in Let’s Talk Science and Learning for Charity, coupled with research experience, I feel well-equipped for this position.

I understand the growing interest in research among students and aim to secure research opportunities by leveraging my connections with professors, ensuring that students have access to valuable hands-on experiences in their field of interest. For students interested in volunteering experiences I will be able to help with their applications as I understand the application process for various organizations, thus streamlining access to volunteer roles for Health Science students, a key responsibility of this position.


Returning to the VP of Internal Affairs role allows me to deepen my understanding of student politics and continue supporting peers effectively. Last year, collaborating with the HSSA President, we successfully proposed the UHSRO program, providing research opportunities for health science students following the halt of the UROP program.

I look forward to contributing to the student community once more and hope to get your vote!

VP of Internal Affairs
Raya Rasram

From someone who understands the pain of contesting with outstanding candidates, I know the challenges of getting your foot into the vast pool of opportunities. It's painful - so many meaningful positions but limitations to what we can do as first-year students. Fear not! As a promising candidate for VP of internal affairs, I am committed to offering ALL students diverse opportunities and empowering even the smallest passions. I am Raya Rasram, a first-year Health Sciences student dedicated to joining a committee that values student ambition and growth for YOUR benefit. 

As a former student council President, I organized the logistics within the school community, including various events, such as orchestrating the smooth operation of booths during a Francophone countries showcase. I encouraged students to utilize creativity by showcasing their passions, essentially bringing their interests to life. Consequently, providing students with leadership roles enables them to gain experience and maintain motivation. I have since grown to possess outstanding written and verbal interpersonal abilities to foster relationships with everyone. 

TLDR; As Zuko from Avatar once said, 'I must restore my honour.' My honour lies within the VP of Internal Affairs and is solely restored through our joined forces by voting for Raya Rasram.

VP of Internal Affairs
Bita Rezaeian

Hi, I'm Bita Rezaeian, currently running for the position of Vice President of Internal Affairs this year. I'm a second-year health science student, I have a passion for traveling, painting and playing badminton. My commitment to my community is evident through my contribution of over 350 hours towards various volunteer activities. I volunteer at the Ottawa Hospital, uOttawa Health Promotion team, and SEUO Bilingualism.


If elected, I will ensure providing everyone a chance to engage in their community activities and making a wide range of volunteer and job opportunities available to health science students. I plan to provide a list of available volunteer positions, making it easier for students to build their extracurricular records.


Let's work together to strengthen the HSSA community. Your vote for Vice President of Internal Affairs supports a vision for fostering culture of volunteerism, and creating various volunteer opportunities in our community.

VP of Communications
Monika Yumvihoze

Hi everyone, my name is Monika Yumvihoze and I am very excited to be running again for the position of VP of Communications for the 2024/25 school year! I am a third year student and the current VP of Communications for the HSSA. The reason I have decided to run for this position again is because not only have I grown to love it over time, but I have developed a genuine passion for handling the communications aspects of the HSSA! Since becoming VP of Communications, not only have I personally stylized the Newsletter to match monthly themes, I have also worked hard to expand the HSSA’s social network through TikTok. 

As VP of Communications for the 2024/2025 school year, I will continue to ensure that HSSA students always have the most accurate and viable information at every point in time. I will welcome any questions or concerns about anything regarding the program, to ensure that students have a solid and supportive point of contact. As I am reaching my fourth year, I know how daunting university can be. If I am elected as VP of Communications, I will ensure that students are always supported and heard!

VP of Communications
Roxanne Lamige

Hey Health-Sci ! I’m Roxane and I’m running for VP of Communications for the 2024/2025 HSSA elections. In this role, I aim to boost information exchange within our student association. I firmly believe that knowledge and communication plays an important role in enhancing the student experience. As a first-year student, I often struggled to easily find answers to my questions and noticed that many others faced similar challenges. I truly believe that your student association should be your primary source of information and support on this journey. I find that communication is a two-way street, and I pledge to not only be a source of information, but also your voice. Together, we can make a difference by ensuring everyone is informed and empowered. Let’s work together to reach out to more people and create a stronger, more connected community. Vote for me :)

VP of Philanthropy
Aliya Qureshi

As a candidate for the Vice-President of Philanthropic Affairs position, I intend to focus on increasing collaboration with HSS students and maximizing the impact of all philanthropic efforts. I want to ensure that students feel as if their opinions are being heard and taken into consideration, especially when planning events and choosing the causes being supported. I also aim to provide students with more opportunities related to philanthropy, in order to spread awareness of potential organizations looking for volunteers, or other ways to get involved and support great causes. I would like to work towards being more involved in supporting underrepresented groups and raising money towards medical research being done on illnesses that specifically impacts minorities. I also would like to put a heavier emphasis on mental health awareness and fundraisers for students. I am passionate about promoting the welfare of others, and believe in philanthropic initiatives for the betterment of society, especially for those facing health inequities and inequalities. I am committed to contributing the necessary time, money, and effort, to help make a difference. I would be sure to represent the voices of HSS students, and integrate their priorities into all events and fundraising.

VP of Philanthropy
Alllie Scott

Hey HSSA! My name is Allie Scott, and I’m excited to be running for your next VP of Philanthropy! I’m in my second year of the Bachelor of Health Sciences program and I grew up in a small town West of Ottawa where I am committed to giving back to my community. I believe true philanthropy goes beyond monetary donations; it's about building connections and leaving a lasting legacy of compassion and generosity. With a passion for creating meaningful change, I plan to introduce fresh initiatives such as the Hike for Hospice, inspired by my hometown involvement. My experience as secretary for the uOttawa Global Medical Brigades has equipped me with invaluable event planning skills. Through these events, I aim to provide support where it is most needed, create numerous volunteer opportunities for students, and collaborate with other student organizations to amplify the impact of our philanthropic efforts. Beyond academics, I'm deeply involved in figure skating, serving as an executive member of the uOttawa Figure Skating Club and volunteering as a judge in local competitions. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions, and don’t forget to vote for Allie!

VP of Bilingualism
Yasmin Nassar

Dear HSS students, 

I am Yasmin Nassar, and I am thrilled to announce my candidacy for Vice President of Bilingualism. My main goal is to create an inclusive environment for francophone students, addressing their concerns and fostering a strong sense of community within our diverse student body. 

To achieve this, I plan to organize engaging events tailored for the francophone community, including a French Film day, a lively French game night, and a Francophone breakfast with a menu chosen by student votes. 

My extensive education in French schools deepened my understanding of the language and instilled a strong identification as a francophone student. This background positions me as a dedicated advocate for bilingualism, committed to actively working towards its promotion within our community. 

Leveraging my proficiency in both spoken and written French, I will ensure accurate translations for our social media posts and newsletters, avoiding reliance on automated translation tools to maintain authenticity and effectiveness in our communications. 

Furthermore, my effective communication and teamwork skills will be pivotal in collaborating with other organizations, streamlining event organization, and ensuring seamless cooperation within the HSSA team, contributing significantly to a positive and productive working environment.

VP of Bilingualism
Matisse Steiner

Hey, health-science friends! I’m Matisse Steiner, a health science student studying in French, and I would love to be your Vice-President Bilingual next year!

Here's a little summary of my platform! 

I want to advocate for the francophone population in health sciences by ensuring that their voices are heard and respected! I plan to create feedback forms specific to the francophone population where they can voice their complaints!

Having studied completely in French for my entire life, I have no problem expressing myself in French, meaning that I can also well-represent the Francophone population as a spokesperson!

I’m confident that with my significant leadership experience, I’ll be able to implement changes within the HSSA to ensure equity between the English and French populations. This includes ensuring that all HSSA services are bilingual and that there is a sufficient amount of bilingual staff.

Within the association, I’m motivated to work closely with the VP social and the VP of equity and activism, where I’ll push for inclusive activities centered around French. This includes a French board game night, offering help with translation services in French and English, and more!

VP of Equity and Activism
Sajanth Senthilkumaran 

Hello everyone! My name is Sajanth Senthilkumaran (he/him) and I’m currently in my third year of Health Sciences. This year, I am re-running for VP Equity and Activism for the HSSA. Previously, I have served as VP Equity for both the HSSA and the Tamil Student’s Union, Outreach Director for UOHS and have volunteered at various hospitals throughout the GTA. 

As a Tamil Health Sciences student, racialization impacts my experiences, thus equity and representation have an important place in my heart and my actions. In addition, it is my passion to help other marginalized students find their success in health sciences. As VP Equity, I’d strive to create an equitable and inclusive environment for students in our community by promising to: 

1. Collaborate with other executives (VPs) to elevate the voices of BIPOC, 2SLGPTQI+, and disabled professionals in health sciences through seminars and events; 

2. Work with the Womxn’s Centre and 2SLGBTQI+ organizations on campus for inclusive sexual health programs; 

3. Host grad school counselling events with uOttawa alumni and professors from marginalized communities; 

4. Create a mentorship program to allow students to network with upper year students to receive guidance and support 

5. Advocate for more research and volunteering opportunities within the HSSA.

VP Social
Grace Skinner

Hi HSS! 

My name is Grace Skinner, I am going into my third year as a health science student.I am very excited to announce that I am running for the position of Vice President of Social Affairs in the HSSA this year! 

Our student association needs a strong social leader and I have a detailed plan that will include, appeal, and cater to all health science students. My vision revolves around the input of students to help design engaging social events for all to be excited about throughout the year. 

For example, 101 week is one of the most fun and important weeks of the year for incoming Gee-Gees. I plan to send out a survey to incoming 101ers for their specific desires throughout the week. I also intend to create more fun-themed bar nights for students to be able to unwind and engage with others throughout the semester, as well as incorporate student input for our winter formal which will be a rewarding experience for students as the year wraps up. 

Overall with my previous experience as the Junior Vice President of Social Affairs and my plan for the upcoming year, I hope to be considered for your vice president of social affairs for the HSSA this year!

VP of University Affairs
Jacom Lam

Hey HSS!

I’m Jacob Lam and I’m running for the position of VP University Affairs! I’m a 2nd year Health Sciences student in the French stream.

As VP of University Affairs, I plan on enhancing the relationship between the faculty and the student body by hosting fun activities for students and professors. I would also like to help students in their academic careers by hosting more events for students to mingle and meet other like minded individuals. This year, I would like to keep traditions going such as Beers & Profs, Wine & Cheese as well as host smaller events such as Cacao and Cram or Lemonade and Learn. As a new initiative, I’d like to host more study nights, resembling Cacao and Cram, in order for students to meet their peers in a fun and productive environment.

As your VP of University Affairs, I promise to be open to listening to new ideas. I also vow to speak up on behalf of the student body to ensure that students have the best experience possible at the University of Ottawa!

To conclude, I aim to make your time at uOttawa amusing and engaging. I want all students to have the opportunities to engage with their professors. I’m always open to new ideas so feel free to reach out if!!

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