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Academic Tips

Struggling to find your rhythm in academic success? Simply looking to  improve in school? Fear no more and utilize these tips and resources to help you fully enrich your student experience!

Managing a heavy workload

A busy school schedule and a big environment can be very stressful. Click on the button for some useful tips to stay on top of your heavy workload!

Lab Experiments


Interested in research? The Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP) offers an opportunity to undergraduate students to work with a professor and gain research experience.

Study Spots

Looking for a good location on campus to study? Click the button below for some favourite suggestions from students.

Adult Students

Finding Textbooks

Textbooks are expensive and it's not a bad idea to find another (cheaper) way to acquire your textbooks. Make sure to keep up with the UOttawa Textbook Trading group on Facebook!

Studying Abroad

Do you get tired of the same old scenery everyday? Have an itch to explore the world? It's important to be a student. So why not look into studying abroad for a semester or two? There's a way! 

Old Globe
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