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Bi-Election Platforms

Vice President of University Affairs
Isabella Tari

Hey HSS!
I'm Isabella Tari, a third-year student pursuing an Honours Bachelor of Health Sciences in French. I am both honored and excited to be running for the position of VP of University Affairs within the HSSA for this year!

In my role as VP of University Affairs, my dedication is to revitalize and strengthen the bonds between our professors and the student body. My vision involves orchestrating engaging events that facilitate meaningful interactions, including our traditional gatherings like beer & profs and cocoa & cram. Furthermore, I want to start new initiatives that allow for more lightheartedness (and friendly competition) between the staff and students, such as a profs vs. students family feud night, to bring more fun into our interactions.


In my capacity as UA, I vow an unwavering commitment to being your advocate and the catalyst for positive transformation within our faculty. My experience as a mentor at the HSS mentoring center has honed my skills in engaging with students and being the trusted individual they turn to when seeking help. I intend to seamlessly transfer this knowledge to my role as UA.


In all, I strive to craft an inclusive environment where the voice of every student resonates. I hope to be considered for your VP of University Affairs this year!

Vice President of University Affairs
Zuhal Ahmadi

Hi everyone! My name is Zuhal and I am in my third year of the health sciences program in the French Immersion stream. I am running for the Vice-President of University Affairs position on the HSSA this year. If I am elected in this position it would give me the opportunity to listen to your feedback and help resolve any of your academic conflicts or concerns. I am very friendly and approachable and I am always willing to help students out! I am also super excited to get the chance to plan fun student networking and study events this year. I enjoy meeting new students in the program and I want to give HSS students the chance to interact with each other and with professors. I will bring back fan-favourite events like beer & profs and cocoa & cram and am open to new ideas that we can bring to life together! Please consider voting for me for VP University Affairs in the upcoming elections!

Vice President of Bilingualism 
Yasmin Nassar

Dear HSS students,

My name is Yasmin Nassar and I am running for VP of bilingualism. 

As vice-president, my primary object is to create an inclusive environment for francophone students to be able to address their concerns. 

I also plan on organizing events for the francophone community, examples of events would be: French Film day (where a classic french movie would be picked to watch), a francophone concert-like event (only French music would be played), etc.


I believe I am fit for this role considering I have been enrolled in French schools my entire life, am fluent in French and finally, consider myself a francophone student and for that reason I will continually promote bilingualism.

With my French speaking and writing skills I can assure proper translation for our social media posts and newsletters for example. (meaning avoiding to rely on google translate and use commonly used french terminology)


I am sure that my communication skills, as well as my teamwork skills will be important for working amongst other organizations, organizing events and finally ensuring excellent work within the HSSA team. 


In conclusion, as vice-president of bilingualism, I will assure inclusivity for francophone students, plan events according to the French language and help with translation.

Vice President of Communications
Monika Yumvihoze


Hi everyone, my name is Monika Yumvihoze and I am very excited to be running for VP Communications for the 2023/24 school year! I am a third year Health Sciences student and the reason I was inspired to run for this position was because of the wonderful executive team this year. I got the opportunity to work alongside them during 101 week as their 101 week coordinator, and I realized that I truly enjoyed working with them behind the scenes to create something meaningful for all HSSA students. 

Furthermore, as VP Communications, I hope to ensure that the HSSA is an easily accessible and welcoming environment that caters to the needs of its students. Since VP Communications is one of the first lines of contact for HSSA students, my goal is to ensure students feel comfortable contacting the HSSA with ANY questions or concerns they may have on any issue in the program. As a third year student, I understand university can be a tough time at any level, and students will often seek support within their program. If I am elected as VP Communications, I will love to be that support for the students of the HSSA!

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