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Bi-Election Platforms

Isabella Tari and Chienye 

Hi! We’re the Co-President candidates for the 2024/25 session; Chienye Onyeagucha and Isabella Tari. Chienye is a third year international student and Isabella is a third year domestic student in the French stream. We were previously on the team as your VP Social Affairs and VP University Affairs and we have decided to run together to give you all a new and improved HSSA, the HSSA like you’ve never seen before!


We are both friendly and outgoing people and we’d love more than anything to be able to showcase that in our governance of the HSSA this coming year. We hope you will support us in our endeavors this year again! Thank you so much for reading!

VP Social Affairs
Grace Skinner


My name is Grace Skinner, I am going into my third year as a health science student.I am very excited to announce that I am running for the position of Vice President of Social Affairs in the HSSA this year!

Our student association needs a strong social leader and I have a detailed plan that will include, appeal, and cater to all health science students. My vision revolves around the input of students to help design engaging social events for all to be excited about throughout the year. For example, 101 week is one of the most fun and important weeks of the year for incoming Gee-Gees. I plan to send out a survey to incoming 101ers for their specific desires throughout the week. I also intend to create more fun-themed bar nights for students to be able to unwind and engage with others throughout the semester, as well as incorporate student input for our winter formal which will be a rewarding experience for students as the year wraps up. Overall with my previous experience as the Junior Vice President of Social Affairs and my plan for the upcoming year, I hope to be considered for your vice president of social affairs for the HSSA this year!

Vice President of Bilingualism 
Yasmin Nassar

Dear HSS students,
I am Yasmin Nassar, and I am thrilled to announce my candidacy for Vice President of Bilingualism. My main goal is to create an inclusive environment for francophone students, addressing their concerns and fostering a strong sense of community within our diverse student body. To achieve this, I plan to organize engaging events tailored for the francophone community, including a French Film day, a lively French game night, and a Francophone breakfast with a menu chosen by student votes.
My extensive education in French schools deepened my understanding of the language and instilled a strong identification as a francophone student. This background positions me as a dedicated advocate for bilingualism, committed to actively working towards its promotion within our community. Leveraging my proficiency in both spoken and written French, I will ensure accurate translations for our social media posts and newsletters, avoiding reliance on automated translation tools to maintain authenticity and effectiveness in our communications. Furthermore, my effective communication and teamwork skills will be pivotal in collaborating with other organizations, streamlining event organization, and ensuring seamless cooperation within the HSSA team, contributing significantly to a positive and productive working environment.

Vice President of Communications
Monika Yumvihoze


Hi everyone, my name is Monika Yumvihoze and I am very excited to be running again for the position of VP of Communications for the 2024/25 school year! I am a third year student and the current VP of Communications for the HSSA. The reason I have decided to run for this position again is because not only have I grown to love it over time, but I have developed a genuine passion for handling the communications aspects of the HSSA! Since becoming VP of Communications, not only have I personally stylized the Newsletter to match monthly themes, I have also worked hard to expand the HSSA’s social network through TikTok. 

As VP of Communications for the 2024/2025 school year, I will continue to ensure that HSSA students always have the most accurate and viable information at every point in time. I will welcome any questions or concerns about anything regarding the program, to ensure that students have a solid and supportive point of contact. As I am reaching my fourth year, I know how daunting university can be. If I am elected as VP of Communications, I will ensure that students are always supported and heard!

Vice President of Internal Affairs

Hi, I'm Bita Rezaeian, currently running for the position of Vice President of Internal Affairs this year. I'm a second-year health science student, I have a passion for traveling, painting and playing badminton. My commitment to my community is evident through my contribution of over 350 hours towards various volunteer activities. I volunteer at the Ottawa Hospital, uOttawa Health Promotion team, and SEUO Bilingualism.


If elected, I will ensure providing everyone a chance to engage in their community activities and making a wide range of volunteer and job opportunities available to health science students. I plan to provide a list of available volunteer positions, making it easier for students to build their extracurricular records.


Let's work together to strengthen the HSSA community. Your vote for Vice President of Internal Affairs supports a vision for fostering culture of volunteerism, and creating various volunteer opportunities in our community.

Vice President of Communications
Roxane Lamige


Hey Health-Sci ! I’m Roxane and I’m running for VP of Communications for the 2024/2025 HSSA elections. In this role, I aim to boost information exchange within our student association. I firmly believe that knowledge and communication plays an important role in enhancing the student experience. As a first-year student, I often struggled to easily find answers to my questions and noticed that many others faced similar challenges. I truly believe that your student association should be your primary source of information and support on this journey. I find that communication is a two-way street, and I pledge to not only be a source of information, but also your voice. Together, we can make a difference by ensuring everyone is informed and empowered. Let’s work together to reach out to more people and create a stronger, more connected community. Vote for me :)

For any questions contact me on, pour toutes questions, contactez moi sur : ou @roxstar_01.

Vice President of Finance
Alex Anderson

Alexander Anderson – VP Finance 2024 Platform

Hello Health Science Students!
My name is Alexander Anderson, and I am a second year Health
Science student looking forward to running for the Vice-President of
Finance position. It is my goal to ensure the stewardship of our
faculty’s budget, track our expenditures, and contribute towards a
healthy work environment with peers, to ensure students have a
secure and successful experience.

As VP Finance I will actively pursue...

Healthy Work Environment

It is crucial for all VPs to feel as though they are in a healthy and productive environment where they can share their goals and objectives for their respective positions. As VP Finance, I will ensure we establish that environment for the benefit of budgeting, as it will allow for eƯicient recording of our transactions, expenditures, and sources of revenue.


Optimal Budgeting

The faculty of Health Science’s finances should be adequately put towards the faculty of Health Science’s students. My goal is to make sure that in addition to the maintenance of our budget, I will be at the ready to ensure that funds are properly allocated for events and programs that directly meet student demands.

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