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JAN 2020:


First Frost Winter Formal:

This is your time to shine! Bring out your suits and your fancy dresses and show them off to your friends. HSS knows how to get classy but still throw a good party while at it. We will be sharing the stage with other faculties so we better show them what we’re made of!​


Frost Week: 

Hello HSS,

Your student association gives you the chance to keep the fun from your Christmas vacation going with our FROST WEEK event! We promise you a different fun activity every single day of the week. Below, you will find the details of the week with the link to buy your tickets. Make sure you are part of the Semaine Frost de l’AÉSS/HSSA’s Frost Week Facebook group so you get all the important details during the week.

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2019-2020 Executive committee Members


- Alexander Li Niap Fah


Interim Vice-President of Social Affairs

- Ariane Tchoumou


Vice-President of Communications

 - Monisah Mazumder


Vice-President of Finances

 - Naomi Lewis


Vice-President of Philanthropic Affairs

 - Jo-Ann Khoury

Vice-President of University Affairs

 - Hillary Baran


Director of Marketing 

- Nayaar Islam

Vice-President of Equity and Activism

- Keara Strong


101 Week Coordinator

- Andrew Arthur

Junior Vice-President of Philanthropic Affairs

- Angélique Jeanty

Vice-President of Internal Affairs

 - Ruby Sannoufi


Vice-President of Social Affairs

- Marguerite Fortin

Junior Vice-President of Equity and Activism

- Oviya Sritharam


Junior Vice-President of Social Affairs

- Farrell Ngambia


Junior Vice-President of University Affairs

- Melania Milich


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Thompson Hall (Room 034),

35 University Private 

Ottawa, ON K1N 6N5


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