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The Health Sciences Student Association (HSSA) is a federated Body within the University of Ottawa Student Union (UOSU). The association’s Executive Committee is elected by the students of the Honours Bachelor in Health Sciences. Our role is to represent you at the Interdisciplinary School of Health Sciences, the Faculty of Health Sciences, the University of Ottawa and the UOSU.

More about us

We organize social, charitable and academic events to allow networking amongst our members and the professors while promoting research opportunities, graduate studies and various career opportunities.


Get involved by participating in the HSSA’s activities!


Do not hesitate to contact our team. The HSSA is here to represent you!


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Volunteer Opportunities

The Michaëlle-Jean Centre for Global and Community Engagement (MJCGCE) has prepared a list of available volunteer placements in the field of Mental Health and Wellness.


To select one of these volunteer opportunities, search for the placement in the Community Engagement Navigator (in Applications on uoZone) by using the placement number provided in the attached document called "Placements". 

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