What Are Social Events?

Throughout the year we work really hard to organize some great social events for all our HSS students. These events allow students to have a great time with friends and blow off some university steam in a safe environment.



Hey HSS! Your student association offers you a thrilling night on Friday November 22nd. Come with your friends and enjoy a night of escape room and laser tag games. A bus will pick us up in front of the HSSA office (35 University Private) at 6:15 and bring us back to campus at the end of the night. Buy your tickets fast because we only have a limited amount of tickets! Tickets are on sale on the HSSA website (link below) for 35$. If you have any questions please contact me at
See you there!


Hey UOttawa friends,
We understand that campus can sometimes be a tough place. Especially lately.
And we want you to know you're not alone in feeling that way.
That’s why several RSGs and the UOSU are teaming up to host a "Decompression Event" on November 20th, from 7-10pm, in the UCU Agora.
We will have food and drink, board games, art supplies, music instruments, and more. We will also have trained, bilingual active listeners on sight. So come to vent, come to destress, or simply come to listen. We are aiming to cultivate a space that is supportive of whatever space you are in. All are welcome.


This is your time to shine! Bring out your suits and your fancy dresses and show them off to your friends. HSS knows how to get classy but still throw a good party while at it. We will be sharing the stage with other faculties so we better show them what we’re made of!

The winter formal is an evening event organized in partnership with the other Health Sciences Faculty programs. It is a classy night in a beautiful venue, topped with a three course meal and some great dancing.

More information to come during the winter session...

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