What Are Social Events?

Throughout the year we work really hard to organize some great social events for all our HSS students. These events allow students to have a great time with friends and blow off some university steam in a safe environment.



Hello HSS,

Your student association gives you the chance to keep the fun from your Christmas vacation going with our FROST WEEK event! We promise you a different fun activity every single day of the week. Below, you will find the details of the week with the link to buy your tickets. Make sure you are part of the Semaine Frost de l’AÉSS/HSSA’s Frost Week Facebook group so you get all the important details during the week.


When: From Sunday January 5th to Saturday January 11th 2019
Where: On and Off-Campus
Tickets on sale now on our website!


This is your time to shine! Bring out your suits and your fancy dresses and show them off to your friends. HSS knows how to get classy but still throw a good party while at it. We will be sharing the stage with other faculties so we better show them what we’re made of!

The winter formal is an evening event organized in partnership with the other Health Sciences Faculty programs. It is a classy night in a beautiful venue, topped with a three course meal and some great dancing.

More information to come during the winter session...