Graduation Pictures

The Health Science Students’ Association has again chosen Portraits Now as your official graduation portrait photographer. There is no sitting fee and we will provide the gowns, hats, flowers and diplomas for your sitting. Each session will include a variety of creative poses and backgrounds. To create your individual graduation memories we encourage graduates to bring in any props or people that may have a special significance. Formal portraits look best with a collared blouse or a dress shirt and tie. We have dedicated October 19-23, 2017 at our permanent studio in the Unicentre for the Health Science graduates.  All graduates photographed will be included on your 2020-2021 class composite which is included FREE with the purchase of any individual portrait package.


For additional information please call our studio at 613-232-1165 or visit


What To Wear?

These are you graduation portraits and it's important that you feel comfortable with your attire. When deciding what to wear for your graduation portraits it is best to keep in mind that the gown has a V neck. The gown will cover your legs so don't worry about your waist down. You will find some simple suggestions below to help you prepare. 


- Graduation portraits look best with a white collared blouse. 

- If you wish to have a clean line with no collar then a tank top is your best choice. 

- Your hands will show in some of the poses so you may consider natural nail polish. 

- Wear make up that you are comfortable with. We do suggest you bring face powder and lipstick/gloss for touch ups before your photo shoot. 


- Graduation portraits look best with a dress shirt and tie. Ask us what your faculty colour is so you can match your tie to the hood colour. 

- A freshly shaven face will help avoid 5 o'clock shadow.