What Are Academic Events?

During the year, our two Vice-Presidents of University Affairs work alongside the exec and the professors to organize academic events. These events allow students to meet teachers outside of the classroom setting and to build connections for future endeavors. It also grants first year HSS students the chance to meet other fellow HSS’ers, allowing them to get helpful advice for their university year.



The beer and pizza is a great event that happens near the end of the academic year (in April). Professors and students can enjoy another casual meet up while enjoying free beer and pizza. We also announce the HSSA election results, our bursaries recipients and our prof of the year award. We hope to see there!


The Canadian Undergraduate Conference on Healthcare (CUCOH) is a rare find. It combines excessive partying with tons of learning. Students from the best university in Ottawa, and some from Carleton (yea we kinda have to share with them) get on a bus and head to Queen’s University for two nights. Lots of hotel room parties and some of the best you’ll ever hear. Want to join and show those raven crows what a Geegee is? Go to for more information. 


All year long, you will have a chance to attend different lectures given by amazing professors or people working in the health field. These lectures will be a unique opportunity for you to discover different areas of research as well as hear about many different health topics. 


The University of Ottawa Healthcare Symposium (UOHS) is very similar to CUCOH but, this time it is our UOttawa students that organize it. Which clearly means it will be much better than any other symposium organized somewhere else. The topics range from health care system organizations to the use of viral vectors in the treatment of cancer. If you want to get your brain tickle, make sure you attend the conference. There is nothing else like it! 


The wine and cheese is an event our Vice-Presidents of University Affairs organize every year. This event take place at Cafe Nostalgica on campus and is open to all ages. This is a great opportunity to meet the Health Sciences professors, the administrative staff and to get to know other students. Light snack and refreshments are provided. We are taking this opportunity to announce the by-elections results. The event is a Business Casual Dress Code.