Election Platforms! (2022-2023)

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Meet The Candidates!

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Ainsley Baker and Paul Collie

Hey HSS! This is Paul and Ainsley and we are running for co-president, because everyone knows two is better than one. Rather than having Ainsley do all the work alone, we figured Paul could run with her to make it look like he’s productive. Seriously though, we care tremendously for the university experience of our students. Having two years experience in a combined three roles in the association has helped us have a great understanding of the different needs and wants for students in our faculty. Coming out of a pandemic, we want to help HSS emerge into a new world full of fun and exciting possibilities— including new initiatives to have your voices heard as much as possible. If anyone has met Paul, they know his loud and outgoing personality, and his boundless enthusiasm is the best fit to get student’s voices heard. Ainsley’s calm demeanor, unceasing work ethic, and unyielding determination truly creates a strong balance between us two. Though we may not always see eye-to-eye, we will always work cooperatively and compassionately to guarantee HSSers have the best opportunities available.

VP Internal Affairs:
Karishma Persaud

Hello Health Science Student Association! My name is Karishma Persaud, and I am running to be the 2022-2023 Vice-president of internal affairs. I am a first-year Health Sciences student here at the University of Ottawa and am thrilled to be running in elections this year. Leadership has always been a passion of mine, and the vast majority of skills such as; collaboration, determination, and resilience are skills I have acquired through my leadership experience. I have over ten years of leadership experience, and for that I am confident in my skillset. Throughout middle and high school, I joined student council, played five sports a year, became presidents and team captains of clubs and teams, and volunteered over 100 hours every year. In student council, I was executive and school president in my senior year. Also, I’ve attended several leadership conferences, notably the Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership Conference, Ontario Student Leadership Conference, and Ontario Educational Leadership Camp. Organization and communication are a part of a skill set that I believe are integral to being the VP of internal affairs, and are qualities I possess. As vice-president of internal affairs, I plan on maintaining and promoting organization and communication through distributing and recording meeting minutes in an effective manner. I also plan on researching, promoting, and providing volunteer opportunities for all HSSA students. If you want someone who vouches for change, and ensures all voices are heard, look no further and vote Karishma Persaud as Vice-president of internal affairs. Thank you!

VP  Philanthropic Affairs:
Phylecia Ferguson

Philanthropy is the desire to promote the welfare of others; typically, monetarily but I would like to step outside of the monetary box and contribute to our community in the following ways.1. Increase Local Assistance. Providing help where it is needed is an extremely important aspect to philanthropic efforts.COVID-19 has decreased funds available to smaller organizations, as well as increased the need for supports in our community. Smaller, local organizations are struggling to provide ample support to the community due to this. For every global or large-scale organization that the HSSA aids through philanthropy (Shinerama, Movember and Relay for Life), I would like to give the same help to our local organizations. 2. Opioid Overdose Education and Narcan Training. Provide Narcan training to employees and students at the University of Ottawa as well as ensuring the accessibility of Narcan on campus. 3. Pay-What-You-Can Breakfast Program. Nutrition is crucial for the health and wellbeing of students, but unfortunately this is not always accessible due to their financial status. Many studies have been done regarding nutrition and education and it is consistently found that proper nutrition enhances students’ education experiences. Financial status should not impact a student’s ability to succeed.

VP Communications:

Seyyon Satkunanathan

Hey my name is Seyyon, I am going to be a 2nd year health science student starting next fall. For leisure I love to listen to music, give haircuts, read, hangout and play basketball. I’d describe myself as being super outgoing and easily approachable. As the JVP of Communications this year, I was mainly the ghost-writer for the french text in the emails sent by HSSA. I firmly believe that the VP of Communications will be responsible for the strategic direction and positioning of the organization and its leadership. I also firmly believe that I will be able to achieve all this next year especially after having shadowed and helped Gwen (previous VP of communications. To keep things simple, I would like to make sure all health science students are communicated with all relevant information in an efficient and clear manner.  All in order to make sure that students are up to date with all upcoming events(hopefully in-person haha) and more!

VP Social Affairs:

Cassandra Lee

Having served as the Junior VP of Social Affairs with the HSSA this year, I have had extensive experience planning large-scale events such as frosh and formal. As part of my mandate, it will be my goal to organize more events that will make students feel a part of the HSS. This year, it saddened me to see students turned away from spring formal due to the limited number of tickets; therefore, as VP Social, it will be one of my priorities to find a venue that will accommodate a larger number of guests. I will also implement holiday-themed events such as a Halloween social, a Valentine’s day speed dating round, and a movie marathon week. For the past 2 years, I have experienced the lack of social events and opportunities to meet people in my faculty, which is something that I am determined to change. Thus, I am committed to planning group study events and meet and greets with professors, which will include free snacks and beverages! This would provide a great chance for students to network with each other, to find research opportunities, and to have a good time! A vote for Cass is a vote well cast!

VP of Finances:

Harmony Selman

Hi there! My name is Harmony Selman, and I am a second-year student in Health Sciences. Elections are approaching and I am looking for your vote to be the next Vice-President of Finances for the 2022-2023 academic year! As someone who has worked with the finances of an organization through past working jobs, clubs, and organizations; I have experience tracking, logging, and approving expenses for activities, as well as conducting daily financial audits. Because of this past experience I know that I would be a great fit for the position. I believe that as your new VP of Finance I would bring strong organizational skills, cooperation, and determination, as well as a positive and creative attitude to the HSSA. As the VP of Finances it would be my job to manage and oversee all financial transactions for the HSSA. If elected, I plan to work hand in hand with the VP of Social Affairs to plan some great events for everyone, on a deserving budget – these past two years have shown me how important it is to be rewarded, and it is time for us Health Science students to enjoy some time connecting with our peers. Throughout my term I also plan to actively search for community sponsorships that will increase our income. Finally, if elected I plan to prioritize funding for developmental opportunities for students looking to acquire skills relevant to our field. If you elect me as your next VP of Finance, I will bring my hard work and determination to the HSSA to ensure that every student’s voice is heard and that everyone has the opportunity to be involved. I look forward to working both with you and for you by representing your financial needs and concerns as students.

VP Internal Affairs:
Arianna Halani

My name is Arianna Halani, and I am a third year Health Sciences student. I am your current Vice President of Internal Affairs for the HSSA, and hope to continue in this role next year! Balancing a small business along with school and other extra curricular activities has taught me to stay organized and responsible; skills I will continue to use in this position. I am familiar with various types of volunteer activities; both virtual and within the Ottawa area, and am excited to continue to help students find volunteer opportunities they are interested in. As your VP of Internal Affairs, I am also responsible for the HSS clothing order. This year new items were introduced, and next year I hope to bring new designs as well, of course while taking into account student opinions! I am open to listening to you, the HSS students and I am always available to offer any guidance or advice. I encourage you all to vote for me as your HSSA VP of Internal Affairs, as I believe I will be able to accomplish any task thrown my way! Go bananas (again) and vote for Arianna!

VP  Philanthropic Affairs:
Tuhen Chandrathas

My name is Tuhen Chandrathas and  I am in my first year in the health sciences program and this year’s JVP of marketing. I am running for VP of Philanthropic Affairs because I am dedicated to making next year a memorable year and as a way to not only help the community but also bring the community closer after dealing with this pandemic. Some of these ideas would include a potential charity dodgeball tournament where 6 teams of 7 and the winners would choose which charity the money would go to. Also, as mental health had been greatly affected by the pressures of this pandemic with the addition of stress built from studies, another idea that I would propose is detox nights. Where every month there would be stress-reducing activities like pottery, painting, gaming or even watching movies. These would have a price of only 5-10 dollars to participate in and all proceeds will go to a different charity each month, there are plenty of more ideas as well. Some traits that make me the best possible candidate are that I'm ambitious, determined and a very easy person to talk to which means any student can approach me about anything.

VP  Philanthropic Affairs:
Harneet Cheema

Hello! My name is Harneet, I’m 3 rd year, and I’m running for VP Philanthropic Affairs! My objective is to create programs and hold charitable events to amplify the voices of HSS student who feel strongly about current issues. I strive to be the connection between your opinions and HSS faculty. I planned the 2021 HSS Shinerama, and we raised the most donations of all faculties! I intend on working with HSS students this year to increase our donations and beat last year’s amount.Currently, I’m working on a mental-health wellness micro-program with uOttawa faculty to spread information and resources so that you are better equipped to help yourself and those around you. Students must know they are never alone. Burnout is quite common in our program, but students should always know their mental health is just as important as physical health. If re-elected, I will also implement a sexual-violence prevention & support program, which uOttawa is highly lacking. Nobody should ever have to face these struggles alone. If you are struggling with any of these issues or others, please reach out for the support you need. Let’s build a better community together:)For questions, reach out on Instagram! @harneet4hssa.vp.phil

VP Communications:

Christina Azzi

Fellow HSS students,

My name is Christina Azzi, and I am running for the position of Vice President of Communications! I am a very outgoing person who enjoys meeting new people and thrives in a team environment. However, the past few years have been tough on everyone and have prevented us from doing many activities. I strongly believe that I can contribute to the HSSA through my passion for student engagement and unity. If elected, I will make sure to keep all Health Sciences students informed and updated with all the events, opportunities, and information related to our program that will take place throughout the year. Also, I will do my best to reach as many students as possible through several social media outlets including Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. I don't want you to miss out on any great opportunities that come your way! In addition, I will make sure to minimize the stress of the students by giving them access to bilingual information. My goal is to enrich student life by giving our great Health Sciences community a memorable university experience! It would be a privilege and an honor to contribute to the HSSA in order to improve the student experience.

VP Social Affairs:

Elisha Chadha

Hi, Health Sciences! My name is Elisha Chadha, and I am one of the candidates running for VP of Social Affairs. Due to the pandemic, our university experience has been very different these past two years. There has been a limited number of opportunities available to students as it is difficult to maintain the same social life in a virtual setting. However, regulations have started to change and there’s finally a bright light at  the end of the tunnel. This means that in-person social events are becoming more accessible. When  looking to elect your VP of Social Affairs, it is imperative to find a candidate with drive and experience. Through starting up Let'sHelpIndia and being on executive teams for organizations like MEDLIFE and MusicBox, I've had lots of experience coordinating events, fundraisers, and sponsorships. If elected, my main priority is to create the best university experience for students in our faculty. I plan to do this by coordinating multiple social events inclusive to all students and using my networking skills to find the right sponsors for these events. I know the importance of fostering the right school-life balance and hope to use my skills to  help students in our faculty ameliorate their university experience!

VP Equity and Activism

Shannon Blake

Social equity requires a system that is representative of the student population. I will create a structure whereby students can communicate their needs and suggestions to me directly or anonymously. I will do this using the Google Form platform. This will allow students of minorities and majorities to share their needs and concerns allowing me to represent them at the executive team level and subsequently the University at large. I believe that it is essential that everyone’s voice is heard in order to invoke change ensuring that the University addresses systemic or institutionalized barriers that prevent equal opportunities for all students despite cultural, racial, physical, mental, gender or sexual orientation differences. I will also take part in the planning of activities involving crucial topics of discussion such as First Nations political issues, sexual assault, climate change, LGTBQ+ community and feminism. It is important for me to promote the inclusion of all students and will do so by organizing ice breaker events to occur in person or on zoom if required. This will help to build friendships and acceptance among the student body. I am a very organized person with excellent interpersonal skills. I am a team player who is goal driven, dedicated and committed to positive change. I have previous experience in positions of leadership that will help me be successful in this role as well as being junior Vice President of Equity and Activism this past school year.

VP University Affairs:

Amani Kane

Hi all! My name is Amani Kane, 3rd-year bilingual student and your current Vice-President of University Affairs. I'm overjoyed to renew my candidacy within the HSSA. Being your VP University Affairs has been amazing and together, we’ve accomplished so much! From wellness check-ins, to 1-on-1 faculty feedback, to policy changes and everything in between. It’s been an honour advocating for you and I want to keep the ball rolling by continuing active projects and creating new ones! I currently sit at the Undergraduate Studies Committee meetings with the Directors of the Faculty as well as the Student Advocacy roundtables with UOSU, bringing the unique and important voice of HSS Students to the table. This is something I’m dedicated to continuing during the 2022-2023 Academic Year. Feedback forums, open communication and ease of adaptability are my priorities as we move into an in-person model. I want to keep seeing the student-university relationship change for the better and I know that feeling understood is a massive part of that. Should you choose to re-appoint me as VP of University affairs, it will be my priority that student voices resonate with decision-makers and that your take is always considered. Re-Vote AK for UA!