The HSSA is the Health Sciences Student Association. It is formed of various executive members whom represent the Health Sciences' students voice. Our role is to represent you. Don't hesitate to contact us!

Alexander Li Niap Fah



Greetings and salutations! My name is Alexander Li Niap Fah and I am third year student in Health Sciences. My hobbies include cooking, singing, going to the gym, and playing sports such as ultimate Frisbee, basketball, and volleyball.


My role

As president, my job is to ensure the smooth functioning of the executive team and to make sure that our association is properly representing HSS students. I act as a liaison between the HSSA and administration and I hope to maintain transparency between all members of our program!


Favourite event

My favorite event by far has to be 101 week – it’s a time that allows you to meet new people and create many friendships.

VP of Finance

Hello and Salut! My name’s Naomi Lewis and I am currently in my fourth year of Health Sciences! Outside of school, my hobbies are: reading, cooking, singing, piano, violin, playing video games, basketball and watching TV, movies and anime.


My role

This year as your VP Finance, it is my responsibility to oversee the budget and all financial operations of the HSSA and work with the other exec members to carefully plan events for you all throughout the upcoming school year!

Favourite event

Halloween bash and the Rocking Climbing event were my favourite events.

Hillary Baran


VP of

University Affairs

Hey HSS students! My name is Hillary Baran and I am a third year French Immersion Health Sciences student. Some of my hobbies include, working out, yoga, traveling and watching Netflix. I look forward to another great year at uOttawa.


My role

It is my responsibility to provide students with opportunities to network with professors in our faculty. Through our annual Wine & Cheese and Beer & Pizza events, students will be able to build connections with professors in relaxed settings. If you have other event ideas you’d like to see, come talk to me!

Favourite event

My favourite event is for sure 101 Week! It is an excellent way to meet other first year students, as well as upper year students that are guides for 101 Week. This event also gives you the opportunity to explore Ottawa before school begins.

VP of Equity and Activism

Keara Strong


Hey there! My name is Keara Strong and I am a 4th year student in Health Sciences. My hobbies include dancing in many different styles, going to the gym, reading, watching horror movies and   trying new food places all over town.


My role

As VP Equity, my role is to plan events surrounding information and inclusion of the different demographics and communities within our student body! Working in collaboration with the other execs I hope to start new traditions and hold fun events that will benefit us all!


Favourite event

My favorite event has always been 101 week – its the great catalyst for rapid friendships that honestly do last throughout your 4 years here!

VP of Marketing

VP of

Social Affairs

Marguerite Fortin


Hey everyone! My name is Marguerite Fortin and I’m in my third year of Health Science. I am super excited to be your VP Social Affairs this year. I love meeting new people and socializing so feel free to come to me with any questions or just to chat. My hobbies include reading, watching Netflix, playing Volleyball and I jump on any occasion to party ;).ial, my job is to make sure that you guys are having a good time through the school year by organizing events like club nights, activity trips, bar events, ski trips and formals.

My role

As VP Social, my job is to give you a good time through a variety of events that will take your mind off all your school work for a few hours. From club nights to formals to study sessions, I promise to keep you entertained.

Favourite event

Winter formal! Collaborating with nursing, nutrition and human kinetics, Health Sciences offers you a night of great food, drinks and music to dance all night to... and all that in formal wear! What’s not to love?

VP of

Internal Affairs

VP of

Philanthropic Affairs

Hey everyone! My name is Jo-Ann Khoury and I am a third year student in Health Sciences. I love volleyball, swimming, and going to the beach. I have a passion for cooking and fashion.


My role

As your VP phil, I will be organizing fundraisers and events that help us give back to charities. I plan on finding cool new ways to raise funds for charitable causes. Always feel free to reach out if you have any ideas, I love learning about new causes and hearing new ideas!


Favourite event

My favourite event has to be the Winter Formal. It’s a great event that allows you to take a little break from studying, to socialize. It’s the perfect time to meet fellow HSSers!

VP of Communications

Monisah Mazumder


Hi friends! My name is Monisah and I will be your VP Communications for this year! I’m currently in my fourth year in HSS doing a minor in Global Studies and in the French Immersion stream. I love travelling, making videos, watching Netflix, sharing memes and having a good time with friends! 

My role

I’m in charge of anything related to communication between students and the executive committee. So, let's talk! Any questions about anything just shoot me a message! I'm here to make sure you're up to date with all of the HSS news. 

Favourite event

101 Week will always be the top choice for me! It is the craziest, exhausting but most action-packed week you will experience. Even though I am from Ottawa, I met a lot of new friends during this week and to this day, am still good friends with! 

Hi there! My name is Nayaar Islam, I am in my fourth year of the Health Sciences program, and I will be your Director of Marketing. As a new member on the executive team, I am very excited to support my faculty and ensure my fellow HSSers have a memorable academic year! My interests outside of school include painting, singing, going to the gym, trying new restaurants with friends, watching The Office, and sharing memes.


My role

As your Director of Marketing, I will be designing all promotional material for HSSA outreach and events.


Favourite event

My favourite HSSA event is the Winter Formal because it is an opportunity for all HSS students to come together and enjoy a fun, relaxing night!


Executive Advisor

Devina Mistry

Junior Vice-President of Philanthropic affairs

Angélique Jeanty

Farrell Ngambia Mbamou

Junior Vice-President of Social affairs

Junior Vice-President of Equity and Activism

Oviya Sritharan

Junior Vice-President of University Affairs

Melania Milich

Hi everyone! My name is Ruby Sannoufi and I am currently in my third year of Health Sciences. When I’m not at school I spend my free time going to the gym, listening to music, doing yoga, and hanging out with my pets (AKA the loves of my life). 


My role

As your VP internal, my main role is to organize the HSS clothing order and help you guys find volunteer opportunities. So if you’re looking to get cozy with a cute sweater or get involved in the community, I’m always here to help!

Favourite event

My favourite event is definitely 101 week. It’s how I got to know so many people in the faculty and how I became involved with the HSSA! If you haven’t been a frosh week guide and you’re looking for a fun experience this coming September, I would 100% recommend it.

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