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Hello HSSers!


The HSSA By-election 2019 has started. You can vote for the new HSSA Execs on October 17th and 18th on the link at the bottom of this email. The candidates' platforms are available on the website and here below in this announcement. Results will be announced at the Beer and Pizza on October 22nd between 5:00pm and 7:000pm at Father and Sons. All HSSA members are invited, consult our Facebook Event for more info!


Vice-président à la logistique | Vice-President of Internal affairs 


Keara Strong

Hey HSS Students !

My name is Keara Strong and I want to be your VP Logistics! My position includes supporting the other exec members as part of the team, more specifically helping out VP Social, Philanthropic and UA in planning their events, bookings and social media accounts! As a 3rd year student who has been a 101 Week guide for 2 years and loves to stay involved in HSS activities, I know exactly what our student association needs and some of the changes Health Science students would like see!  My main goal as VP Logistics would be to bring fresh and unique HSS events ideas, as well exclusive opportunities for HSS students, like a professor-student networking events for Health Sci students of ALL years, programs and language streams, more frequent advertisement and awareness for HSS events on social media and campus so everyone can be alerted to all of our fun events before they happen, and developing more sponsored relationships so HSS students can have more opportunities to get involved in career related activities and events outside of uOttawa! I believe I can make the 2018-19 year the best HSS has seen, and I hope to have your support!


Jo-Ann Khoury


Fellow HSS students,

My name is Jo-Ann Khoury and I am running to be your Vice-President of Logistics! I strongly believe that my passion for the unity and inclusivity of students, can bring a lot to the HSS student body. As a second-year student, I have gotten to experience and participate in my fair share of campus events. However, I have also experienced the stresses that come with first year, and understand the importance of belongingness within the HSS faculty. If elected, I will use this passion to ensure students have the best experience possible at HSS events, and that they have easy access to all information. By working closely with the VP social, I will maximize the events so that students have the chance to meet fellow HSSers and to feel included within the faculty. Furthermore, I will reduce student stress by making sure students have access to all the information they need in French and in English. My main goal is to enrich student life by promoting the sense of belongingness and the building of connections within the faculty. I would be honored and grateful to contribute to the HSSA and improve student experience.


Vice-président aux affaires sociales|Vice-President of Social Affairs


Andrew Arthur


Hey HSS! My name is Andrew Arthur, and I’m running to be your Vice-President of Social Affairs this year. As you know, VP Social is responsible for the fun; parties, formals, and a whole lot of entertainment! This year will be no exception. I plan to bring back your favourite events like Halloween Party and Winter Formal, along with some major new events like large-scale parties, ski trips and more! HSSers party at 100, so we need a VP Social who can organize a party that’s fire (That’s me :)! I plan to support more networking events to connect you with professors for research and connection-building, and to encourage symposia where we can learn about health-related topics according to your interests. As VP Social, I hope you will bring me your concerns about inequality, discrimination and accessibility so that I can advocate for your rights. A “yes,” vote for me in this election is insurance for a good time this year. It would be an honour to represent you as VP Social. Thank you for your time! Campaign Page: fb.me/AndrewVPSA

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