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HSSA 2022 Election Candidates

Julia Flor

Hey HSSA! My name is Julia Flor and I'm running for the position of Vice-President of University Affairs. I'm a third-year student in the French Immersion stream whose dedication to learning is only surpassed by a love of dogs and mystery novels. In this role, I plan to organize a variety of academic events, to help you find your ideal research and volunteering opportunities, and to help you better connect with your professors. If you have any questions or would just like to chat, please reach out to me at @julia.AESS.HSSA.

Madaline Pacurai

Hello all! My name is Madaline Pacurari, and I’m excited to be running for your next VP of University Affairs. I’m in my second year of a Bachelor of Health Sciences in the English stream, and I grew up outside of Edmonton, Alberta. During my time at the university, I have realized the importance of a strong relationship between professors and students in our faculty. My top priority is to ensure open communication to allow for this and that students feel heard and understood. I am a strong advocate for inclusivity and support and would love to bring these strengths to this position. I am currently a speaker, and in this role, I give mental health presentations to help educate and bring awareness to the daily struggles that so many of us face. I am also a Peer Mentor with the Peer Help Centre on campus and work as a swimming instructor for children and adults with disabilities. Follow my campaign page on Instagram @madaline.vpuniversityaffairs, and don’t forget to vote for Madaline!

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W. Jeanette Berre

I am W. Jeannette BERE, a third year student in the Honours Bachelor of health sciences - Population and public health option. I am a candidate for the position of Vice President of University Affairs for the current year 2022-2023. I have a great interest in this position, and with my drive and diverse knowledge, I would like to work towards the cause of the student community. 

Physical and mental wellness is something I have always been passionate about. It is for this reason that after successfully completing my courses and graduating as a Licensed Practical Nurse in 2018, that I decided to return to school in 2020 to study Health Sciences here at the University of Ottawa in order to further my knowledge. 

Since 2018, and until today, I had the opportunity to work in several types of health organizations (hospitals, clinics, elderly Care, rehabilitation center…)

So you can understand that well-being is very important to me. Especially when one is interested in the determinants of health and its impacts on the health of a community, that is why I chose to focus on public health and population health.

It is for all these reasons that I would like to be your Vice President of University Affairs for the current year 2022-2023. 

In collaboration with the entire Health Sciences Students' Association, I would like to work for the cause of students, and to bring about positive changes for all, taking into account our different backgrounds and the difficulties and obstacles we may face.

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